This is my ongoing story. It is about my struggle to get back into shape and how I try to overcome and/or deal with the effects of my growing age. I’ve spent all of my teenage and adult life studying the martial arts in one form or another. I went from a lean, fit and flexible full contact karate practitioner to a middle age, overweight and outta shape kenjutsu (Japanese fencing) practitioner who was missing way too many classes due to a hectic work schedule. The amount of beer I was also drinking, although not excessive, probably qualified me as a functioning alcoholic due the frequency in which I was indulging. Finally I just had enough. I didn’t like the way I felt, looked, or the path that I was going down and I had to make changes. So I did. I took back control of my time and work schedule and started to put my health and happiness back on track. With my daughter in tow I began a journey to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 46. A tough martial art that is known to have a high drop out rate. and so far I’m still going strong. I believe my decision probably saved me from an early death and I do hope my story will encourage others to make the changes they need to get their lives back. Me, I will continue my efforts to return myself back to deadly.

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