My Super Diet?

The thing you have to understand with me is I’ve always been a fussy eater and as a general rule my diet pretty much sucks. I’ve never been a big fan of vegetables and as a child I’d even go so far as stuffing my peas and carrots in the furnace vent went when my mother wasn’t looking so I could leave the table. Good thing we didn’t live in that home very long. My dislike of certain foods has been a struggle my whole life but I’ve gotten much better over the years and my vegetable choices have improved over time. Sadly as a practicing Buddhist I would very much like to be a vegan or vegetarian given the choice. I’m working on it though. I have hope. I think it’s important to mention that so you can put my diet into proper perspective. It’s a shit show but it works for me. One of the things I do love, is anything that allows me to sneak the vegetables, I so dislike, past the dickhead customs officer known as my tongue. Stir-fry’s, wraps, rice, stews, or anything else that will camouflage the aberrant veggies is a great way for me to eat as healthy as I’d like. Here’s the ten things I did to lose weight.

  • I ate very light through the day having only the odd snack and then I had one meal late in the day
  • I cut out alcohol
  • I limited myself to one cup of coffee in the morning and only Kukicha tea later on if I wanted a hot beverage
  • I had two bananas a day. Sometimes a fuji apple.
  • I would have either a Larabar or Cliff bar for a mid day snack. Maybe some other fruit and nut bar
  • 2 tea spoons of raw honey
  • 1 scoop each of Amino-Cuts goji berry supplement and CytoGreens acai berry in 300ml of water or orange Juice once daily in the morning with a Banana
  • After training I would also make a 250 ml strawberry flavoured whey protein shake that I usually added a second daily scoop of the Cyto Greens to it.
  • Some days I would have a bowl of Nature’s Path Flax Plus cereal in almond milk to start the day
  • To help with the low veggie count I would also drink a bit of carrot or pomegranate juice.

I’m sure some nutritionist is losing their shit right now over my diet. Oh well, what can I say, it’s what I ate. I would also eat whatever it was that the wife made for dinner that day which is usually pretty good. We tend to eat a lot of chicken, rice and pasta. The days I was fending for myself I would eat a broccoli and chicken bowl or a wrap of some sort. I also made sure I drank enough water to keep me hydrated and help with workout recovery. Perhaps the diet isn’t text book but I can tell that between this and the removal of beer from my diet my energy levels were way better and I shed 30lbs. I no longer felt sluggish or tired near the end of the day. My diet also worked in conjuntion with a 3 day jiu-jitsu training schedule and little bit of exercise, stretching and kettle ball training while at home. Take it for what it’s worth but that’s how I did it. I have however recently revised my diet and I will share my current approach soon enough. Stat tuned.


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