Oops, I done messed up.

After such a wonderful outcome as a result of my preparation and participation at my first Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition I made what turned out to be a step backwards. A mistake that has taken two months to get me back on track with my training and fitness. Actually I made two errors in judgment but one was worse than the other I think. I don’t think anyone could fault me for doing what I did but it set me up for failure and I fell into the trap. What do I do you ask? After leaving the competition I decided to treat myself. On my way home I picked up a great big hamburger and fries as well as 4 cans of beer which I did enjoy that evening. What I didn’t realize at the time is I had injured myself a bit at the event. It is very likely I pulled the cartilage between my ribs or something along those lines. I assumed I had just bruised my ribs and went and trained the following evening. I did take it easy but I ended up exasperating the injury and it knocked me out of commission for a couple weeks or more. Shortly after that I hurt my wrist doing something other than training. The things is while I was out of commission a bit I got stuck in unwind mode and indulged in way too much crappy food and way to many cans beer. It was just too easy coming home from work after a long day and no heavy training days in sight for me to unwind. I can’t say I was in a downward spiral but I got comfortable with being lethargic and free spirited with my food choices. I quickly discovered the days where I felt a little sluggish and drained at the end of the day had returned and when I did get back into the swing of things my cardio and endurance had taken a hit. I also put a bit of weight back on. After a few weeks of suffering through my losses I am now back on track but I think I learned a lesson. The challenge I’m finding and one I’m not used to is this age thing. I’m not used to seeing my fitness levels drop off so quickly when I’m less active. Previously I wouldn’t lose any fitness or cardio with a short break or if I did it certainly wasn’t perceivable. I used to be so smug with the older guys in the class when I was younger. I just thought they were being lazy and not putting in enough effort. The age thing can’t be that bad I would think. Well, reality has set in and now I’m learning to adjust. I’m young enough I think I still have the ability to get back into top shape and keep it going for some time but it’s clear to me it’s going to take a little more effort and vigilance than I’m used. I just have to keep eating bananas instead of slipping on them so to speak.

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