Things At Rest

Things at rest whither and die. That’s just the nature of things. If you are inclined to just sit on the couch and let your boy and health atrophy I think you should reconsider the quality of your life. I can’t fathom not being able to enjoy my time with my kids or potential grand kids because my physical shape puts limits on what I an and can’t do with them. Sure, old age is going to catch up to me and apply limits to what I’m capable of  but I’m sure as hell not going to speed that process along an you shouldn’t either.  Aside from poor health and fitness effecting your quality of life you also have to consider your ability to protect and look after your family in a time of need. It’s your job as a parent or grandparent to look after the well being of your family. Are you going to fail them in a time of need because you can’t get your 40 year old body up a couple flights of stairs? We in the west live a lethargic, privileged  and comfortable lifestyle that does little to promote a healthy and fulfilling way living. The thing is comfortable isn’t that much rewarding. It isn’t nourishing for the soul. It is struggle and challenge that makes us stronger and more resilient.  Do you waiver in the face of  adversity or do you wither the storm an overcome. Are you a weak minded fool who can’t wait 5 minutes in line without losing your shit or do you stand undaunted in your task and accept the reality of the situation without a care in the world. Are you cool as a cucumber or as hyper as Mexican jumping bean? Overcoming all obstacles with as little effort as possible is the true nature of the martial arts. Getting off your butt and pushing yourself sets you up for future success. Whether it be a problem that challenges your fitness level or mental fortitude having pushed yourself and learned to deal with adversity earlier goes a long way to ensuring your success on many levels. You either stop, rest, whither and die an early death or you push yourself onward and upward insuring you not only live a long and energized life but you also live one that is fulfilling and qualitative.

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