Puked Again…

Getting back into shape is challenging let me tell you. The age thing isn’t helping one bit but I’m improving and seeing gains in my performance. Today was a good example. The opening warm up was tougher than normal and it was all cardio. The same warm up three months ago would have wrecked me for the rest of the class and few of them did. The last month was particularly hard in that I was feeling like I had plateaued and I was worried I had hit my peak which would have been pretty crummy. It just didn’t seem like my endurance was improving past my earlier gains. Well that all changed today. Not only did I survive the intense warm up I made it through to the end 1 1/2 hours later and performed pretty good all class. I pushed myself and I pulled through without gassing out. Right on! It felt great. As I was leaving class however I could feel my stomach wasn’t holding up so well. If the feeling didn’t go away I was going to puke. In my determination to act like I was 20 again I tend to push myself too much and over exert which to date has had me puke my guts out five other times. It’s a pretty funny thing. I come home, leave my bag on the floor, go lock myself in the bathroom and wait for the inevitable. What’s funny about it is how once I puke up my guts which is usually just water at that point I’m perfectly fine and I can drink water immediately afterwards without ill effect. I would think I would just be out of commission for a time period and not be able to drink anything but that’s not the case. Anyways, sure enough I came home and proceeded to puke my guts out for the sixth time in 8 months. It’s an odd thing to feel so crappy but actually be all proud and happy for myself. I worked my ass off. I clearly pushed myself to the limits. I would assume as long as this isn’t a daily or weekly thing it’s of not going to hurt me unless of course I throw out my old back doing it. I know it’s an odd topic to bring up but I felt it was important to share that you’re going to suffer a bit when you’re trying to get fit again. You’re probably not going to take it as far as I did today but it’s good to know that you can get through the rough days and reach the goals you set.  Embracing the challenge and adversity that comes with getting fit can have you too smiling when you push yourself to the limits.

Puke Log:6

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