Right In The Privates

One of the things that is much more prevalent with Brazilian jiu-jitsu than other martial arts is the occurrence of private instruction. For many of the early practitioners who began training when Brazilian jiu-jitsu first made it’s debut in North America (and I’m sure elsewhere) private instruction was the only option on the table. The availability of private instruction continues strongly today and many competitors looking to improve their game are turning to top level practitioners for privates. Nothing is going to tighten up and improve your technique better than someone with the experience and know how to fix problems and add new layers to your game. The advantages of private instruction for competitors and those looking to excel are without question but what about the average practitioner.  For most people, unless they are taking their training real serious, privates may not really a priority. However, for someone like me who is a little older and on a tight work schedule I think privates are a great option and well worth the investment.

I find the biggest challenge for myself is trying to remember everything and as a result building a strong base of fundamentals is a slow process. My aging brain just doesn’t seem as crisp as it used to be. Mind you I was never the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do find retaining all of this juicy jits info is daunting. Maybe this is just the norm with jiu-jitsu but I would really like to maximize my learning as much as I can while I still have some physical ability to draw upon. As I get older I know I will need to rely almost solely on technique and I want to have a deep pool to draw from. With a couple months of privates under my belt (heh heh) I can safely say the effort is paying off. Having the ability to drill certain things regularly and build upon that foundation is reaping rewards. It was my intention to do a few months and build a solid base and then come back to them at a later date when I feel I need some refinement but the benefits seem too good to shelve. The cost for privates can be a challenge as they aren’t cheap but making a few simple sacrifices like laying off of beer and drive-thru coffee can easily make the hurdle much easier. I think I would even go so far as to saving up all year to grab a couple months of private lessons when I can. I’m taking lessons with a purple belt instead of a black belt and that is saving me some money and is even making the effort sustainable for a longer period of time.  So there are options so look into it. I think they’re very much beneficial  and worth pursing. See you on the mats!

Puked again tonight. Puke log goes to 7!

Thanks to the guys and gals at Joslin’s for letting me raid their photo collections. Joslin’s Mixed Martial Arts

Puke Log:7

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