Goals? Why limit yourself

One of the things I struggle with as a traditional martial arts instructor is this notion of success. I’m not here, nor should any other instructor, to show you how to succeed. That’s the job of the martial arts as a whole. The sheer exercise of studying a martial art will teach you and instill in you the ability to overcome challenges. You have no choice in that matter. The very essence of martial arts is that of overcoming challenges both presented to you by yourself and others. Spend any time in a martial art and you will be a lean mean challenge killing machine. You don’t need some karate guru to blow smoke up your ass about goal setting. The art should take care of that for you. Perhaps though, if the art is lacking…you get my point. You and I both have different goals and desires in life. We all have our own individual dreams and aspirations. Setting goals doesn’t necessarily jive with each of our individual needs. In my opinion setting goals is shallow. It smacks in the face of the martial arts which are totally about constant and ongoing growth. More than anything though it’s a matter of personal  journey. Only you know what it is that your soul desires. There’s no point in advocating for a desired result that you have no interest in. More than anything be true to yourself, keep training, and let the art reveal yourself to yourself. Discover YOU first. You will learn that you are more capable than you ever thought and then you will achieve things far beyond the goals you thought you needed to achieve. The martial arts teaches you that you are far more powerful and capable than you ever thought. Why let a goal limit you. Set a direction and keep moving in that direction. The winds may bring you back to port to refuel but your hold will be full and you can always unload to set sail again. Enjoy the journey. There is more to be gained there than some short sighted goal you won’t care about at a later date.

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